The Magic Day by Real Dream

Founders of Real Dream, Party Planner Ireland

What is the Magic Day?

Karolyna and Julien are the founders of Real Dream. And with the Magic Day project they want to help children with cancer by giving them the possibility to dream and show that everything is possible when you believe. A day with amazing activities, decorations, foods, gifts and entertainments, an incredible party to transform this day into an unforgettable moment. The project started a few years ago in Brazil and it has helped hundreds of children. The aim is to bring this Magic Day to Ireland as soon as possible.

The Magic book which gives possibility to children to speak about cancer

Book About Children Who Speak About Cancer By Real Dream, Party Planner Ireland

Karolyna is passionate about the book universe and totally involved in the fight against cancer. She worked several years as a book designer and she has recently had the idea to give the possibility for children and family to speak about how they faced cancer.

Who wrote the book?

The book was written by children and families, it is very strong emotionally and contains the real feeling about this fight. They decided to participate in this project to help other people who are in the same situation by telling their own stories.

50% for associations and 50% for the Magic Day

We have invested on the publishing of books and it will be sold in Brazil and Ireland. Part of the money raised will be used to help associations and the remaining to help keep the Magic Day’s project alive.


How people can help us to create this magic day:

A few things are essential for the success of this project. Your help with decoration, food, entertainment, gifts, or anything else related to parties would be much appreciated. Much more than that, you could be a volunteer giving your time, love and caring to create and amazing and unforgettable moment for these children making their dreams come true!

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